Alexander McQueen

Sourcing Manager
You will be hard pressed to find another vendor in Asia, or anywhere for that matter that has the knowledge, honesty and dedication that John has.

Marc Jacobs

Former Owner & Founder
In my 17 years importing from China, I have only worked with a handful of trustworthy, reliable and timely sourcing agents. John is the only person on that list who shipped such high quality producks - without a single piece rejected.

Tom Ford

Packaging Development Manager
Anndooo is the number one vendor that Maesa goes to for glass and development ideas. Any creative ideas we need for diffusers or candles, Anndooo is always there to help by sending samples and to show us innovative new items to help sell products to our customers. The sampling process is simple and convenient and we always receive them on time and in great condition. Quantities are never an issue when sampling especially when we are in need of large amounts for customers such as Jonathan Adler or Ralph Lauren. John is one of the most helpful and pleasant vendors that we work with today. Logistics are important since we are in the United States, and there is never an issue or concern when products are shipped out. I have been very happy to work with John and I have great respect and admiration for him and Anndooo as a company. I plan on continuing our working relationship as long as we are both in the business. Any customer would be lucky to work wlth them.

Christian Dior

Former Sourcing Manager
I've known and worked with John for a few years, and there is no one I trust more in China. He is reliable, extremely hard working, and honest. He always has my best interest in mind, and does everything he can to resolve problems quickly and professionally. I have been working in sourcing, buying products from Chinese factories for over 10 years, and I have referred him to more companies than any other trading company or factory I have worked with. Just give him a call and get to know him and you will learn that he has a qualifed team that does excellent work, and is someone you can trust.