Skills & Qualifications

By closely working with our customers and building Anndooo into their supply chain, the packaging containers manufactured by us find the way to the stores of worldwide retailers and fashion brands through our joint efforts. Working with us will enable customers have the following advantages from China manufacturing, and in turn helps to bring real values to our customers.

Company &

Company & Team

We have professional and experienced sales team, design team, technical team, sourcing team, QC team, shipping team and support team; customers’ requests can be treated quickly and efficiently. High quality after-sales service is also one of our service tenets, just to ensure that customers always enjoy the most comprehensive service.

OEM & ODM capability

Contract product design, private-label development and manufacturing; 100% of our containers and packaging products are customized and of private-label interests. You can also rest assured on the confidentiality because Anndooo takes great importance of customers’ private designs, Non-disclosure agreement can be signed before ordering. Hardersom produces containers & packaging components fully on basis of your orders and specs. Our factory has cross-discipline manufacturing capabilities in a wide range of decorations, and we also work with local partnership factories to meet your deadlines in peak seasons.Decorating Capabilities:(a) Color Spray (b) Decal Application (c) Silk Screen Print (d) Hot Stamp (e) Hand Painting (f) Electroplating (g) Laser Etch (h) Foil Decoration (i) Flocking.

Stock Capability

One of Anndooo’s big advantage is that, we always have a large number of popular products stock in house, which can meet customer’s need on fast shipping, and flexibility on different quantities.

Supply Chain

We have long-term stable as well as high-quality supply chains, from raw material to finished products. From Anndooo, you can always get the products in the lowest prices and most stable quality.

Smart Meter

Smart Meter

Continued investments enable us to have clear room, smart meter, advanced technique and upgraded new machines. Sourcing with Anndooo ensures clients benefit from efficient manufacturing, traceable production record and compliant industry standards. We have much inhouse testing equipment in our lab, which ensure us to conduct tests based on customers’ different requests.

Clean Room

Clean Room

Dust-free workshop is good for skincare, bath and body products. Packaging components like pumps, caps, glass jars and plastic bottles need to be assembled and packed in dust-free workshop during the kitting process. Decorations like color spraying and UV cure coating need to be done in dust-free workshop. It is relatively much more costly to run a dust-free factory workshop because it has to be fully equipped – air filter and ventilating system, air conditioned, staff fully dressed up, frequent internal cleaning work, considerable maintenance job and slower paced in-production line running, etc.

Quality Control

Our products speak for us. 90% of our customers choose to trust Anndooo in quality control & inspection from the first ordering, and 100% of existing customers trust Anndooo in their repeated orders; a proven reputation we treasure for the most for years up to now. Our production and QC management teams have an average of over 20 years of manufacturing experience in containers and packaging. We have a complete quality control system which ensures that customers always get stable supply and replenishment:

  • IQC inspects our incoming materials.
  • IPQC checks in-production line manufactured items at different processes.
  • FQC inspects the finished items in packing.
  • OQC conducts AQL inspection prior to shipment and writes inspection reports for approval.

Private Label

Anndooo manufactures unique ranges for brands from SOHO size to leading speciality retailers. We manage every aspect of the manufacturing process from concept to finished goods in containers & packaging. Containers & Packaging Products Are Truly Manufactured by Anndooo for Customers. These are a few examples of our manufacturing capabilities in customized products.Anndooo design and engineering teams work closely with customers to make concept into finshed goods. No matter who comes to us, no matter if we start from an existing mold or a new mold, no matter what it takes in repeated samplings to achieve minor details, Anndooo people are always with customers to get things done to the satisfaction.