250ml Iridescent Lustre Electroplated Reed Diffuser Glass Bottles

$1.100 - $1.500 / 3000 / Sets(Min.Order) | 1 buyer


Elegant round electroplated diffuser bottle. Stylish design minimalist yet elegant design, with a reflective mirror-like finish will easily complement any contemporary interior. Create a romantic atmosphere for you, cover up some odors, keep your mind calm. You can put it in your bedroom, bathroom or living room.


Dimension:Diameter: 92mm, Neck Height: 27mm, Height: 96mm
Fill Capacity:210ml, 7oz for fragrance
Overflow Capacity:260ml
Approx. Weight:350g
Neck Specs:39.6mm
Material:glass for bottle
Craft:IS machine blown
Color:custom color acceptable
Printing & logo:customizable
Surface Handling:color spraying, silk screen,electroplating, hot stamping, decal, label, etc.
Model Number:WJ018-HG0130

Product Features and Application

Our diffuser set is a practical yet stylish looking, will be a joy to receive! Reed diffuser is the perfect way to decorate your bedroom, bathroom or living room and safe solution to bring fragrance to your home without candle flames!

Imagine yourself coming home and being immediately enveloped in a subtle, pleasurable scent. You know right away that you are at home. When your home is filled with a delightful, delicate aroma, it remains a place that one always wants to return to and never wants to leave!

Width mouth can be put in many reed sticks you need. More reed sticks will make the scent to spread out faster. Fill your room with aromas!

The cork is national standard tight to avoid inside oils flow out if you want use the cork and feel it's tight, that's right because it feels like stopper in red wine bottle the same. If you want stop diffuser for sometime, you can tightly seal the bottle with a cork lid cover.

Modern glass designs and decorative scented vines complement any home or office decor. Make you have the royal feel at home!

Anndooo offers customized graphic design for diffuser bottle decorations and molding service for diffuser bottles.


Corrugated carton with cross board dividers, safe for international shipments.Customized packaging requirements are accepted.

Gift Box Packing

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